Winter's Fist

To Begin Again

Session 4

Posting what I had written for our last session. If anyone wants to add to this to reflect your own experience, please do so.

It’s been what seems like years since our brave adventurers defeated the kobold jailers and rescued that Goblin guy from his captors. Time and space seem indescript. It’s as if the party had walked through a tear in time.

A veil of darkness begins to lift from our party’s minds. The first sensation is audible. The sound of a barren tree, beating its branches together to the rythem of the wind. A fire crackles. The smell of fresh meat skips in and out of their noses. Feet track through the slush and snow.

As your eyes begin to focus, you see you’re in a small structure. It appears temporary. Several branches are tied together to form a circle. Animal hides cover the structure. In the center of the ceiling is a small hole for smoke. Each hero lay along the peremeter of the structure.

Standing outside the tent you see a bright sky, it’s filled with vibrant colors; gold, red, and whites. 100 feet away, the ground seems to disappear. There is one lone pine tree upon this plateau. There is snow, as white as light, packed upon the ground. A soliatary figure stands facing the horizon, its back toward you.

Urstora has saved them from time. They were stuck in one moment for far to long. No one but her knows why or how. She has brought them to this place, where time is under her control and where change only happens when she allows it.

Skill Challenge – Dialogue – To Begin Again
When I found you, you were stuck, captured by your own indifference.

Reward:She will address each character and give them 1 more heroic tier feat of my choosing.
Brother Johnathan Brandis:
Iago – Your heart is strong and your purpose clear. You wear the pendant of a servant, a gift from a defector. You will find satisfaction in your future, though your heart cease to beat and only throb in saddness.
Tryn – Once you were so small, agile, and clumsey. I know you are different, from core to skin. Keep close watch on your companions, for they need you now more than ever.

They have been captured Urstora the Pendulum. The primary focus of this encounter is dialogue. If anyone tries to attack the captor they will be incapacitated. She rescued them from the city before they were lost in time. No one remembers exactly what happened.

Let’s say someone roles for an attack against her. If they role a 17-20 they’ll receive something special.



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